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Fighting for the Soul of your Child

      Leo Terbieten MFT Fighting for the Soul of your Child To the fortunate uninitiated, the conflict that occurs between parents during divorce can seem inexcusable. After all can’t these parents behave like adults and do what’s best for their children? Well here’s the problem; often the parents are not only doing what […]

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The Changing Landscape of Family Court Services Part 2

Recommending Mediation Programs Family courts are increasingly turning to recommending counseling programs to assist them in processing cases. The huge increase in self-represented litigants requires a different approach to contested custody cases. A recommending family court services program gives the hearing officer an objective, clinical assessment of the family’s dynamics as well as specific recommendations […]

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Recognizing the Stress of Divorce

As I’m sure you’re aware, the most serious damage done to kids is being exposed to conflict between their parents. Conflict experienced in an intact family is just as toxic as conflict experienced in a divorced family. In my opinion, staying in an unhealthy or abusive relationship for the sake of the children is misguided […]


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