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Serpent’s Tooth

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!” Most parents’ can relate to this line from Act 1, Scene 4 of William Shakespeare’s King Lear. The bite of perceived ingratitude is intensified by magnitudes, however, if the parents are separated or divorced. The interesting thing about this phenomena is that it can continue well […]

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Change Your Mind

 The importance of becoming self-protective and assertive during separation and divorce cannot be overstated. You must provide for your own safety in order to keep your children safe. But these efforts must be kept in perspective lest they morph into obsessive futile engagement with the other parent and the legal system. It’s easy to become […]

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On Narcissism

Sigmund Freud only published a single paper exclusively devoted to narcissism, “On Narcissism: An Introduction” (Freud, Sigmund, Vienna, 1914). This paper, not surprisingly, is a seminal work on the subject. In it Freud defines narcissism as a perversion as well as a normal and healthy process which can be found in all human development. Therefore Freud […]

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The End of the World

The End of the World Leo Terbieten MFT   The feelings of loss that occur during divorce can be a virtual, psychological hall of mirrors. With childhood experiences of loss and abandonment reflected upon your current situation. Added to this complex overlap of emotion is your children’s actual experience of loss and your projection onto […]


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Against all Odds

Leo Terbieten MFT The process of separation/divorce is one of the most challenging experiences you can have as an adult. There are few life transitions that rival the sheer emotional intensity and threat level of dissolution. When child alienation is part of the process the stress level at times can seem unbearable. These are cases […]

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Parenting 420 Leo Terbieten MFT 4/20/2015 Happy “Weed Day”. The birth of 420 dates back to the early 70s, when students of San Rafael High designated this as the ritualistic time to smoke dope after class. 420 has since become code for marijuana and more specifically getting loaded. In commemoration of this high holy day I’m […]

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Co-Parenting Interminable

Parents know that a child’s reaching the age of majority does not absolve them of their responsibility to parent. Naturally, over time the form of relationship one has with their kids will undergo a metamorphosis. The joy, pride and responsibilities of being a parent, however, will remain, to some extent, for the rest of your […]

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