Marin Family Therapy Services

Specializing in Divorce & Child Custody

Leo Terbieten serves Marin and San Francisco Bay Area parents and children who are in the midst of divorce and custody issues. Clients are often referred to his practice by family law attorneys, teachers, physicians, clerics or other clients. Leo also provides consultation by phone or Skype for parents living beyond the Bay Area.

Demystifying the family court process

As a former director of Marin Family Court Services, Leo helps divorcing parents manage their anxiety and effectively navigate the family court custody system.Divorcing dad with his son. Therapist for custody issues and family therapy

“I coordinate with the client’s attorney to provide the most support possible,” he says. “My role is to remove the mystery and offer an experienced, objective viewpoint, so parents can make decisions in their children’s best interests.”

Strategic communications

As a custody guidance specialist, Leo meets with you to review your legal documents and identify and articulate your concerns. Then he advises on how best to present your position to Family Court Services (FCS), a required step if you have unresolved custody issues. FCS staff helps parents reach a mediated agreement, or absent that, recommends a custody arrangement to the court.

Because your interaction with FCS directly informs the custody proposal the judge will likely follow, Leo coaches you on attitude, demeanor and the content of your communications.

Therapy servicesMom and son re San Rafael family therapy, divorce support & child custody

Emotional counseling & practical guidance — comprehensive support for divorcing parents

Individual psychotherapy — counseling for adults and adolescents

Parenting guidance — teaching parents how to develop healthy, developmentally appropriate relationships with their kids

Co-parent counseling & coordination — help creating a cooperative parenting approach that serves your children best, while taking into account your needs and concerns

Custody mediation — assistance for parents in resolving custody issues while avoiding court

Guest speaking — presentations for groups interested in co-parenting and custody issues from a clinical perspective

Parent support guidebooks — Leo has shared his expertise and advice in two downloadable books that help families avoid common mistakes during contested custody negotiations and the co-parenting phase.


Cash, check or credit card payments are accepted. Insurance billing is not available.

Minimize the drama

Leo’s goal is to help you make a sane, successful transition through divorce. He works with you to clarify and successfully communicate your priorities for the child custody agreement. And he backs you up with real-world co-parenting techniques you can immediately put into action. Contact the office to learn more about how Leo can support you.

Office of Leo Terbieten, M.A., MFT
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